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Star Trek opening monologue

Space, the final frontier....
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.Her five year mission: to explore strange new worlds.
To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


The four founding species of the Federation (clockwise from top left): Humans, Vulcans, Tellarites, and Andorians.

More than an alliance of purely independent states, the Federation government is based upon the model of a federal republic, where its member planets and colonies remain semi-autonomous, controlling their local territory as they see fit in accordance with Federation principles as outlined in the Articles of Federation. The government is divided into three branches: the Federation Council acts as the the legislative branch, the Federation President, is the chief executive and head of state, and the Federation Supreme Court, serves as the supreme judiciary. The Federation Council has chambers in San Francisco, while offices of the Federation President are located in Paris. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; DS9: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume"; Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)


United Federation of Planets

Founded in 2161 in the aftermath of the Earth-Romulan War, the Federation was an outgrowth of an alliance between several worlds, including Earth, Vulcan, Andor, Tellar and Alpha Centauri, among others. (TNG: "The Outcast"; ENT: "Zero Hour", "United", "Demons", "Terra Prime", "These Are the Voyages...")

Various dates have been given for the Federation's founding in 2161, including 8 May, 12 August and 11 October. Alternately, the predominant pre-canon assumption among fans was that the Federation was already in existence at the time of the Earth-Romulan war. For more information, see: Federation history.

Despite its peaceful nature and intentions, the Federation faced many conflicts over the years. Encounters with the Klingons in the 22nd and early 23rd centuries eventually led to the First Federation-Klingon War, followed by a cold war. Those "seventy years of unremitting hostility" came to an end in 2293, when the Federation gave aid to the Klingons followed the destruction of Praxis, their key energy facility. The Khitomer Conference that followed began the long process toward not only peace, but an alliance between the UFP and the Klingon Empire. The Klingons temporarily withdrew from that alliance in the 2370s, igniting the Second Federation-Klingon War, but peace was soon re-established. (ENT: "Broken Bow", "Judgement", et. al; TOS: "Errand of Mercy"; Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country; TNG: "Heart of Glory", "Yesterday's Enterprise"; DS9: "The Way of the Warrior", "Apocalypse Rising", "In Purgatory's Shadow", "By Inferno's Light")

Conflicts between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire ebbed and flowed in the years following the Earth-Romulan War. After the Romulan Neutral Zone was established, the Empire retreated into its borders for nearly 100 years, only venturing out again to test the Federation in the 2260s. From that time on, while no protracted wars broke out, tensions ran high between the two powers. After the fall of the Klingon Neutral Zone, those tensions escalated, and almost surely would have erupted into war were it not for the disastrous Tomed Incident of 2311. After Tomed, the Romulans and Federation signed the Treaty of Algeron, and the Romulans again retreated within their own borders, isolating themselves until the destruction of outposts along the Neutral Zone drew them out again in 2364. (TOS: "Balance of Terror", "The Enterprise Incident", Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, TNG: "The Neutral Zone", "The Pegasus")

Smaller conflicts dogged the Federation in the 2340s through the 2360s, including wars with the Cardassians and the Tzenkethi, and the Galen Border Conflicts with the Talarian Republic. The Tholian Assembly was also a threat to the Federation during that period. (TNG: "The Wounded", "Suddenly Human", "The Icarus Factor"; DS9: "The Adversary", "Homefront")

In the mid-2360s, Starfleet made first contact with the greatest single threat they had ever faced: the Borg Collective, a race of cybernetic beings bent on the assimilation of all life in the galaxy. The first Borg incursion was only turned back after a failed defense at the Battle of Wolf 359, and the near assimilation of Earth in 2366-67. Defeated but not destroyed, the Collective would return to plague the Federation again and again, most notably in 2373 and the Battle of Sector 001. (TNG: "Q Who", "The Best of Both Worlds", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II", "Descent"; Star Trek: First Contact; VOY: "Scorpion", "Dark Frontier", "Endgame")

When the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole in 2369 opened up travel to the distant Gamma Quadrant, it was only a matter of time before the Federation encountered the Dominion. First contact between the two powers came in 2370, and hostilities increased for several years while the Dominion's shape-shifting Founders manipulated various governments, until war broke out in 2373. The Dominion War not only threatened the Federation, but the entire Alpha Quadrant, and drew numerous galactic powers, both friend and former foe, into the Federation Alliance. Though it lasted only two years, the Dominion War was the most costly conflict the Federation had ever endured. Countless lives were lost and several key worlds were occupied before the Dominion offensive was repelled in 2375. (DS9: "The Jem'Hadar", "The Search, Part II", "The Die Is Cast", "Homefront", "Apocalypse Rising", "In Purgatory's Shadow", "By Inferno's Light", "Call to Arms")

Though the price of peace was heavy, especially to the Dominion's former ally Cardassia, the aftermath of the Dominion War saw the opportunity for the Federation to do what it did best, make friends out of old enemies. In addition to the goodwill to be gained from the Cardassian relief effort, the Federation hoped that it could maintain and improve relations with the Romulan Star Empire, perhaps coming to the same sort of détente as with the Klingons eighty some years before. (Star Trek Nemesis)


The United Federation of Planets, UFP, or "The Federation"

Federation is described as an interstellar federal state with more than 150 member planets and thousands of colonies spread across 8,000 light years of the Milky Way Galaxy ( Alpha and Beta Quadrants ). The Federation also maintains its own military and exploratory agency, Starfleet.

The United Federation of Planets has existed as part of the Star Trek universe since the first season of the original series.

The Federation is described as stressing, at least nominally, the values of universal liberty, equality, peace, and cooperation. The legislature of the Federation Council is depicted as being headquartered in a building located in San Francisco. Several other bodies of the Federation have been depicted. There is an executive branch headed by a Federation President, who keeps offices in the Palais de la Concorde, Paris. There is a judiciary branch as well, the highest court of which is the Federation Supreme Court. The Federation's scientific, diplomatic and defensive/military arm is Starfleet, depicted as being headquartered at the Presidio in San Francisco.

The Federation is described as having come into military conflict at various times with the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Tholian Assembly, the Cardassian Union, the Tzenkethi, the Borg Collective, the Dominion, and the Breen Confederacy. The Federation has also been in conflict with the Ferengi Alliance, the Sheliak Corporate, and the Talarian Republic, although the show's creators have never made it explicit as to whether these disputes amounted to formal states of war.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Download Free Star Trek Wallpaper. Star Trek pictures for Windows desktop wallpaper. Wallpaper of Starships Enterprise, Voyager, DS9, Borg Cube, Data, Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek Crew...

Starship Starship Starship
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Data & Borg Queen Deep Space Nine Borg Cube
TNG & Borg Enterprise Borg Cube
Enterprise Borg Klingon_Bird_of_Pray

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Star Trek: The Original Series (1966–1969)

USS Enterprise

The USS Enterprise
First appearance "The Cage"
Last appearance Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Fate Destroyed
Affiliation United Federation of Planets
Launched 2245
General Characteristics
Class Constitution
Registry NCC-1701
Maximum speed Warp 9
Auxiliary craft Shuttlecraft
Armaments Photon torpedoes
Defences Deflector shields
Propulsion Impulse engines
Warp drive

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994)
USS Enterprise

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)
First appearance "Encounter At Farpoint"
Last appearance Star Trek Generations (continuity)
"These Are the Voyages..." (airdate)
Fate Destroyed (2371)
Affiliation Starfleet
Launched October 4, 2363
General Characteristics
Class Galaxy
Registry NCC-1701-D
Auxiliary craft Shuttlecraft
Captain's yacht
Armaments Phasers
Photon torpedoes
Defences Deflector shields
Propulsion impulse engines
Warp drive

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999)
Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine
First appearance "Emissary"
General Characteristics
Auxiliary craft Runabouts, USS Defiant
Armaments Photon torpedoes
Defences Deflector shields

Star Trek: Voyager (1995–2001)
USS Voyager (NCC-74656)

the USS Voyager, NCC-74656
First appearance "Caretaker"
Last appearance "Endgame"
Launched 2371
General Characteristics
Class Intrepid
Registry NCC-74656
Maximum speed Warp 9.975[1]
Armaments Photon torpedoes
Defences Deflector shields
Propulsion Warp drive
Impulse engines
Power Matter/antimatter reactor

Star Trek: Enterprise (2001–2005)

The starship Enterprise
First appearance "Broken Bow"
Last appearance "These Are the Voyages..."
Fate Decommissioned
Launched 2151
General Characteristics
Class NX
Registry NX-01
Maximum speed Warp 5.2
Armaments Photonic torpedoes
Phase cannons
Spatial torpedoes
Defences Polarized hull plating

Monday, December 24, 2007

CHRISTMAS - Star Trek Carols

Jean-Luc Picard (to the tune of ''Let It Snow'')
Oh, the vacuum outside is endless,
Unforgiving, cold, and friendless,
But still we must boldly go--
Make it so, make it so, make it so!

William Riker: (to the tune of ''Deck the Halls'')
Here's a vexing Christmas riddle:
(Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la la)
Why must I play second fiddle?
(Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la la)
How can I impress Deanna
(Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la la la)
When I'm number two banana?
(Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la la)

Wesley Crusher: (to the tune of ''God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'')
I'm at Starfleet Academy,
And I'd just like to say
I miss the opportunity
To weekly save the day--
To make things worse, I have to be
In some dumb Christmas play!
Yes, I'm bright, though I'm just a teenaged boy,
Only a boy,
And the Enterprise was my most favourite toy!

Data: (to the tune of ''Jingle Bells'')
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way!
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh--
or so I am reliably informed lacking a subjective
and intuitively perceived referent for the term ''fun,''
I am able only to report the phenomenon as experienced
by others, whose individual perceptions somewhat colour the--
yes, sir.

Worf: (to be to the tune of ''White Christmas'')
I'm dreaming of a dead Pakled,
Just like the one in Rec Deck Eight.
They all think they've hidden,
But this one didn't,
And I'm using him as bait.
I'm dreaming of a dead Pakled--
Their mental skills are rather lame.
May your foes die sonless, in shame--
And I hope you're wishing me the same!

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (sung by: Worf)

Phasers flashing in the depths of space,
Ripping up an airtight hull;
Signs of fear on your enemy's face,
And life-support signs reading null!

Ev'rybody knows a Romulan's a spineless foe
Who lacks the Klingon will to fight!
Phaser beams set his torso aglow--
He'll find it hard to breathe tonight!

He knows that Worf is on his way!
And soon he'll be the object of the verb "to slay"!
And ev'ry slinking Rom and Pakled spy
Will soon become the subject of the verb "to die"!

And so I'm offering this simple threat
To Roms, and all Ferengi, too:
You'll be as dead as a life-form can get--
Merry Christmas to you!

Star Trek Christmas Mission

The worst enemy Star Trek crew have ever met!!! Be aware... this could happen to us very soon....but is Enterprise going to be close enough to save us!... be afraideeee.....bee afraideee!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

BORG STARSHIP - Rogue Borg ship

In late 2369, in the two-part TNG episode "Descent", a group of rogue Borg began attacking Federation outposts and colonies in several outlying sectors with a new type of vessel, informally known as the rogue Borg ship. This unusual design was asymmetric, totally unlike the previously encountered Borg cube. However, the vessel was still heavily armed and massively armored, and capable of great destructive power.

Only one ship of this type has been observed; the ship attacked the research outpost on Oniaka III, as well as the MS-1 colony, using previously-unknown transwarp conduits to appear suddenly over the target and launch a quick attack.

A schematic variant of this design was briefly seen in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Scorpion, Part 2", which recounted the brief alliance between the Voyager crew and the Borg in their fight against Species 8472. Referred to as a "multikinetic neutronic mine", the drone Seven of Nine proposed it to Captain Janeway as a high-yield weapon for delivering enhanced nanoprobes after having deemed Starfleet photon torpedo as insufficient.

This design is also seen in the game series Star Trek: Armada, which refers to it as an 'Assimilator' class. Its function is to assimilate or destroy any alien ship or station it encounters. However, this is not canon.

BORG STARSHIP - Borg tactical cube

The Borg tactical cube ship is visually a variant of the standard Borg cube with the additions of extensive large, solid pieces of armor attached to the exterior.
It was seen in the Star Trek Voyager episode "Unimatrix Zero, Part 1".

It is unknown as to what type of weapons this ship possesses only that it can fire both phasers and torpedoes.
The only tactical cube observed was destroyed via a self-destruct sequence initiated by the Borg Queen, in an attempt to kill Captain Janeway as she was still aboard, having released the nanoprobes virus. The type is also featured in the Star Trek: Armada II video game, where the only difference between tactical and regular cubes was improved offensive and defensive capabilities. The tactical cube was also featured in Star Trek Legacy, in which it is a more powerful and larger Borg Cube.

Borg Tactical Cube Battle With Sound

BORG STARSHIP - Borg sphere

The sphere ship was first seen in the movie Star Trek: First Contact, where it was stored within a Borg cube ship under a large slide-away hatch and used as an escape vessel upon the destruction of the cube. This particular sphere was seen to be capable of time travel. It is unknown if other sphere ships are commonly carried aboard cubes or commonly possess time travel capabilities. It was later found in the Arctic in the episode Regeneration of ST:ENT. They are equipped with reactive armour. These vessels carry a complement of 10,000 borg drones. Borg spheres were also seen in several episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. During the episode "Unimatrix Zero, Part 2", a Borg Sphere is shown firing both phasers and disruptors.

In the Star Trek: Armada game series, they are depicted as light cruisers that have the ability to rapidly regenerate their shields for a short period of time, while in the Voyager episode Dark Frontier Seven of Nine refers to one as a scout ship.

BORG STARSHIP - Borg scout

Task: Search for assimilation targets. Establish transwarp connection.

The Borg scout ship is cuboid in shape but considerably smaller than its counterpart, the Borg cube. The Borg scout ship is only several metres in length, width and depth, and holds a crew of five. A Borg scout ship was found by the crew of the Enterprise-D on a moon in the Argolis cluster in the episode "I, Borg" (TNG).

In the game Star Trek: Armada, the Borg Scout is depicted as a very small and quick ship that is shaped like a cone. The shape changes considerably between the original Armada and Armada 2.

BORG STARSHIP - Borg Queen's ship

The Borg Queen uses this ship to direct all Borg operations. This ship is contained within the Unicomplex, the Borg's base of operations. This type of vessel has only been seen in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Dark Frontier".

The weaponry of this ship includes both fore and aft torpedo launchers. Like the Borg cube it can travel at transwarp speeds, allowing it to outrun its enemies if needed.

One such ship was destroyed when the USS Voyager collapsed the transwarp conduit the ship was traveling in. It remains unknown if any more exist.

Within the Star Trek: Armada computer game series and various other games, this type of ship is referred to as the Borg Diamond.

BORG STARSHIP - Borg probe

First seen in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Dark Frontier", this small oblong-shaped Borg vessel was about half the size of an Intrepid-class Federation starship, having about the same amount of firepower, and capable of transwarp speeds.

In 2375, a Borg probe confronted the USS Voyager in an attempt to assimilate the ship and its crew. Voyager fought back, and at one point during the battle the probe was forced to remodulate its shields. During this vulnerable moment, Voyager beamed a photon torpedo aboard the probe which detonated near the power matrix, resulting in the probe's destruction.

The probe left behind eight kilotons of debris, from which Voyager salvaged a variety of equipment including two power nodes, 12 plasma conduits, and what appeared to be an auto-regeneration unit made of some kind of lightweight polytrinic alloy. Also found was a servo-armature from a medical repair drone, which included a laser scalpel, biomolecular scanner, and micro-suture all rolled into one instrument. A transwarp coil was recovered, but it had self-destructed beyond repair by fusing its field regulator (per Borg protocol when a vessel is critically damaged).

Also salvaged from the debris were a couple of data nodes which contained tactical information that Voyager used to locate a disabled Borg Sphere and plan a "heist" of a working transwarp coil.

The probe is referred to as the "Interceptor" in the Star Trek: Armada series of computer games.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


The archetypal Borg cube is a variety of immense, cubic starship that functions as part of the Borg Collective. It was first seen in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Q Who?" upon the Borg's first contact with the Federation Starfleet in 2365. The cube appears to be the principal spacefaring unit of the collective, by far the Borg craft most often seen on-screen and the type of vessel used in both the Battles of Wolf 359 and Sector 001. Cubes are popularly believed to number in the millions or greater; however identification numbers cited on-screen (e.g., 461, 630, and 1184) seem to indicate smaller numbers. These ships' low numbers may just be coincidence or may not be the ships' complete registries.

The design of a Borg cube is determined by the materials at hand and what is currently needed for a ship. The only unifying principles of design are a roughly cubical shape, a decentralized/generalized arrangement, a size of several thousand metres per edge, and a hosting of tens or hundreds of thousands of drones. Erin Hansen, the mother of the future Seven of Nine, one of the first humans to see one, was amazed that it was 29 cubic km in volume. This number sizes the length, width, and height dimension at over 3 km.

Common capabilities of cubes include high warp (transwarp) capabilities, self-regeneration and multiple redundant systems, rapid adaptability to almost every seen assault, and various beam (tractor beams and cutting beams) and missile weapons. Cubes have been known to carry sphere ships in cavities covered by large slide-away hatches in the outermost layers; however, it is unknown if this is common.

Two basic styles of cube have been seen. The first, seen in The Next Generation, had an outer layer composed of a thin, mostly perpendicular framework of greebles, allowing a yellowish glow to emanate from within. The second, seen in Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Voyager, has a more solid-looking exterior with perpendicular and diagonal greebling, and less of a noticeable green inner light, possibly indicative of a new assimilated technology or a new tendency to employ more physical armor in protecting cubes. (In actuality, the differences between the two types are due to enhanced detailing and use of computer-generated imagery between series.)

Borg cubes are as powerful as they are immense, with a single cube being capable of annihilating entire fleets of advanced (e.g., Federation Starfleet) ships, and are matched by few others (e.g., "Species 8472").

In Star Trek: First Contact, the atmospheric pressure aboard a Borg ship is described as being two kilopascals above what would be normal on a Federation starship, humidity is an average 92%, and its internal temperature is 39.1°C.

In the game series Star Trek: Armada, the Borg cubes are equipped with a "holding beam" power. It basically is used to immobilize an enemy ship while sending Borg drones over to assimilate the ship's crew.

Star Trek Battle Of Sector 001


In the Star Trek fictional universe, assimilation is the process by which the Borg integrate beings and cultures into their collective. "You will be assimilated" is one of the few on-screen phrases employed by the Borg when communicating with other species. The Borg are portrayed as having encountered and assimilated thousands of species and (reportedly) trillions of lifeforms throughout the galaxy. The Borg identify species uniquely with a number assigned to them upon first contact.

Initially, the Borg were a mysterious group of marauders that snatched entire starships or took over entire planets and societies in order to collect and assimilate just their technology, being less interested in individual lifeforms. It is postulated that assimilation of individuals emerged as an efficient additional method for the Borg of gaining new knowledge and therefore enhancing the collective, as seen through the assimilation of Picard.

A Borg infant was found in the Borg cube, suggesting they reproduced rather than assimilated lifeforms. (TNG: "Q Who?"). This however is theorized to be their method of assimilating children and/or pregnant female sentients only. In their second appearance, "The Best of Both Worlds", they were shown to assimilate individuals—namely, Picard—into the collective by surgically altering them. This method is generally agreed to be the preferred method of assimilation in regards to fully matured biological lifeforms.
Jean-Luc Picard as Locutus after assimilation
Jean-Luc Picard as Locutus after assimilation

The method of assimilating individual lifeforms into the collective has been represented differently over time. Throughout, infant and fetal humanoids have been grown in an accelerated state and surgically receive implants tied directly into the brain, as well as ocular devices, tool-enhanced limbs, armour, and other prosthetics.

Later, in Star Trek: First Contact, the method of (adult) assimilation was depicted with the more efficient injection of nanoprobes into individuals. Borg nanoprobes are injected into the bloodstream of a victim by a number of tubules (usually two) that spring forth from the top of the hand (or some other extremity) of a Borg drone. The nanoprobes, each about the size of a human red blood cell (RBC), travel through the victim's bloodstream to various tissues and locations throughout the body and latch onto individual cells. The nanoprobes rewrite the cellular DNA, altering the victim's biochemistry, and eventually form larger, higher structures and networks within the body such as electrical pathways, processing and data storage nodes, and ultimately prosthetic devices that spring forth from the skin. Assimilation by nano-probe is depicted on-screen as being a fast acting process, with the victim's skin pigmentation turning grey with visible dark tracks forming where presumably blood vessels once existed.

In Mortal Coil, Seven of Nine states that the Borg assimilated the nanoprobe technology from "Species 149", suggesting that other improvements in assimiliation technology could have been assimilated, as well as indicating that the Borg's interest in assimilating technologies has not lapsed.

Assimilation is depicted as the preferred way for The Borg to gain information, especially about species of which no individuals have been previously assimilated. However, in several episodes drones are depicted as first interrogating alien technologies for tactical knowledge, rather than immediately assimilating the few individuals who may be present, as seen in Q Who.

Because assimilation depends on nanoprobes, species with an extremely advanced immune system such as Species 8472 are able to withstand assimilation.

The capability of nanoprobes to absorb improved technologies they encounter into the Borg collective is demonstrated in the Voyager episode Drone, where Seven of Nine's nanoprobes are fused with the Doctor's futuristic mobile emitter, creating a drone with enhanced capabilities to current drones, that then attempts to contact the collective. Fortunately for Voyager, this drone’s enhanced capabilities are not disseminated throughout the collective; the drone, in fact, sacrificed itself to save Voyager’s crew.

In William Shatner's novel The Return, Spock is nearly assimilated by the Borg, but is saved by the fact that he mind-melded with V'ger. This is because, according to Shatner's novel, the alien race that found V'ger was an earlier form of the Borg. Spock was saved from assimilation because he had part of the Borg Collective in his mind after he mind-melded with V'ger.

Borg Queen

Star Trek: First Contact introduced the Borg Queen (played in that movie by Alice Krige). The Borg Queen is the focal point within the Borg collective consciousness and a unique drone within the collective who originates from Species 125 that brings "order to chaos", referring to herself as "we" and "I" interchangeably.

In First Contact, the Borg Queen is seen as apparently present during Picard's former assimilation at the start as flashbacks in Picard's mind, and was believed destroyed on the Borg cube those years earlier, before she directed her attentions to Data in the film. After his capture by her drones, she tried to tempt him with live flesh to comply with her. The Queen was also seemingly destroyed in at least three other instances: during Star Trek: First Contact by Data, most likely for good; "Dark Frontier"; and "Endgame". In the Star Trek: The Experience attraction The Borg Invasion 4-D, the Borg Queen re-appears after Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant, but as Admiral Janeway attempts to kill her, she activates a transporter allowing her to survive.

In the Star Trek: Voyager relaunch novels, the Borg Queen isn't a single, irreplaceable entity, but the product of a program called "The Royal Protocol" that shares its name with a Starfleet document outlining requirements when dealing with foreign royalty. This program is used to create a Borg Queen from any female Borg, commanding the technology within her to alter and adapt to the Protocol's specifications. In the relaunch novels, one of the leaders of Starfleet Intelligence gets her hands on "The Royal Protocol" and, with the use of an Emergency Medical Hologram, turns herself into a new kind of Borg Queen who cares about and loves her drones.

Borg Queen and Data

BORG: Resistance is futile

Full citations of sentences from Star Trek movies containing this phrase are:

* "Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours."
-- The Borg, Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Best of Both Worlds" (1990)

* "I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. From this time forward, you will service us."
-- Locutus of Borg/Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation episode " --The Best of Both Worlds" (1990)

* "Resistance is futile. You will disarm your weapons, and escort us to Sector 001. If you attempt to intervene, we will destroy you."
-- Captain Jean-Luc Picard as Locutus of Borg, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Emissary" (1993)

* "We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."
-- The Borg, Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

* "I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile."
-- Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: First
Contact (1996)

* "Resistance is futile!"
- Data, Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

Star Trek vs. the Borg

Star Trek TNG - Greatest minds in physics playing poker

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

20 Plots You'll Never See on Star Trek: The Next Generation

1. The Enterprise encounters a mysterious energy field, and they've seen it many times before.

2. The Enterprise successfully ferries an alien VIP from one place to another without incident.

3. The Enterprise visits a remote outpost of scientists and they are all OK.

4. Picard, Riker, and Data visit the Holodeck and it works perfectly.

5. Captain Picard has to make a difficult decision about a less advanced people, but the Prime Directive makes it easy.

6. A power surge on the bridge is correctly diagnosed as a faulty capacitor by a well-trained engineering staff using common diagnostic equipment.

7. The officers of the Enterprise encounter a new lifeform, which later turns out to be a common, well-known lifeform who was wearing a funny mask as a joke.

8. A major emergency happens near the Enterprise, but fortunately some other ships in the area are able to deal with it.

9. The Enterprise kicks in warp speed and hits a large planet coming from the right that they didn't see in time.

10. The crew if the Enterprise is struck by a mysterious illness, but the cure is found in the well-stocked sickbay storeroom.

11. Geordie looks at something through his electronic eye band and realizes he hasn't the faintest idea what he is looking at.

12. While being attacked by Romulans, Picard orders warp speed and the Enterprise stalls and won't start up without a call to AAA.

13. Data is passed over for promotion because he cannot understand the most basic nuances of what people are saying to him.

14. Wesley Crusher gets beat up by his classmates for being a geek and he has to start making friends his own age for a change.

15. Counselor Troi makes an analysis that states something other than that which is blindingly obvious.

16. A mysterious being composed of pure energy tries to enter the Enterprise's computer but finds out it didn't bring the right plugs along.

17. Riker falls in love with a woman on a planet he visits, gets her pregnant accidentally, and winds up having to marry her and he gets court martialed.

18. The officers are beamed down to a planet called "Paradise" where everyone is happy all of the time. Eventually, they find out that everything is just as it seems - it's really a neat place to live!

19. The Enterprise is involved in a time warp experience and does NOT wind up in the 20th century.

20. Captain Picard, Riker, and Data are captured by a superior intelligence, who apologizes for the mistake and does not put them on trial.

Joke: What if Data were Microsoft Windows Compatible?

WORF: Captain, there are three Romulan warships decloaking dead ahead.

PICARD: On screen.
[The main viewing screen changes to a pattern of horizontal lines, each
only a single pixel wide.]

PICARD: Data, what's wrong here?

DATA: Captain, the main viewscreen does not have sufficient video
memory to display an image of this size. May I suggest that you
select a lower resolution?

PICARD: Make it so.
The screen blanks, and then an image appears, with big, blocky square
pixels. Three objects appear in the center, which could be Romulan
warbirds, but which actually look more like the aliens in Space Invaders.]

PICARD: Data, open a hailing channel to the Romulans.

DATA: Aye, sir.
[Data picks up an hourglass from the floor beside him, turns it over,
and places it on the console in front of him. He punches some buttons
on the console and sits motionless for several seconds. A flash of light
blossoms from one of the Romulan ships on the viewscreen.]

WORF: Incoming plasma torpedo, Captain!

PICARD: Shields up!

DATA: I'm sorry, Captain, but I am still attempting to complete your
last instruction. I must ask you to wait until I have finished before
you issue your next command.

PICARD: What on earth do you mean? Data, this is *important*!
I want those shields up *right now*.

DATA: I'm sorry, Captain, but I am still attempting to complete your
last instruction. I must ask you to wait until I have finished before
you issue your next command.

LAFORGE: Allow me, captain. [to Data] Control-alt-delete, Data.
[Data removes the hourglass from the console, and returns it to the floor.]

DATA: The Romulans are not responding to my hails. Press my nose to cancel
and return to Windows. Pull my left ear to close this communications
channel which is not responding. You will lose any information sent by
the Romulans.
[LaForge pulls Data's left ear.]

PICARD: Shields...

[There is a tremendous explosion. The bridge shakes violently, and all
the crew members are thrown to the floor. A shower of sparks erupts
from Wesley Crusher's station at the helm, throwing Wesley back away
from the console.]

PICARD: Up, Data!

DATA: Aye, sir.

RIKER: All decks, damage report!

WORF: Captain, Ensign Crusher is injured. He appears to be unconscious.
[Data picks up the hourglass again, places it on his console, and punches
some more buttons. He waits a few seconds, then puts the hourglass back
on the floor.]

DATA: Shields are now up, captain.

PICARD: And not a moment too soon. Worf, lock all phasers on the lead
Romulan ship.

WORF: Aye, sir. [He punches buttons on the weapons console.]

PICARD: Mr. Data, take the helm, and prepare for evasive action.

DATA: I am sorry, sir, but I do not have the proper device driver
installed for that console.

PICARD: Well, damn it, install the right one.

DATA: Please insert Setup Implant #1 in my right nostril.

PICARD: Number One, where do we keep Data's setup implants?

RIKER: I left them with Geordi.

LAFORGE: [in a surprised voice] What!!? I thought you still had them!

PICARD: Data, don't you have device drivers stored in your internal

DATA: Not found, sir. Please insert Setup Implant #1 in my right nostril.

PICARD: Data, I don't *have* Setup Implant #1.

DATA: Not ready reading right nostril. Abort, Retry, Fail?

PICARD: Abort!

DATA: Not ready reading right nostril. Abort, Retry, Fail?

PICARD: Well, fail, then!

DATA: Current nose is no longer valid.
[Data walks over to the helm, and presses several buttons. The ship
lurches, the images of the Romulan warships suddenly shift to one side
of the viewscreen, and a high-pitched whining noise is heard coming
from somewhere else in the ship.]

LAFORGE: [alarmed] Data, what the hell are you doing?

PICARD: Number One, do we have a customer service number for Data?

RIKER: Yes sir, but last time I tried to call them, I got put on hold
for two hours before I was able to talk to anyone. And that person
wasn't knowledgeable about androids of Data's model. She specialized
in industrial control robots.

[Suddenly, the lights all go out, the viewscreen goes blank, and all the
usual noise of fans, motors, and so on whines to a halt. After a few
seconds, the red emergency lights come on. Data is standing by the
console, absolutely motionless.]

PICARD: What's going on?

LAFORGE: [checking the helm console] Lieutenant Data has caused a
General Protection Violation in the warp engine core.

PICARD: These androids look really sharp, but you can't really do anything
with them.
[The shimmer of the transporter effect appears, and six Romulans in
full battle dress materialize on the bridge. A seventh figure, a
Ferengi, appears moments later.]

FERENGI: [with a mercenary grin] Can I interest you in a Macintosh,

Star Trek Next Generation Intro

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ode to Spot Lyric

Felis Cattus, is your taxonomic nomenclature,
an endothermic quadruped carnivorous by nature?
Your visual, olfactory and auditory senses
contribute to your hunting skills, and natural defenses.

I find myself intrigued by your subvocal oscillations,
a singular development of cat communications
that obviates your basic hedonistic predilection
for a rhythmic stroking of your fur, to demonstrate affection.

A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents;
you would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance.
And when not being utilized to aide in locomotion,
it often serves to illustrate the state of your emotion.

O Spot, the complex levels of behaviour you display
connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array.
And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend,
I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.

Ode to Spot Video

Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide Lyric

Encounter at Farpoint Part 1 and part 2
the Naked Now, Haven, and Hide and Q
Code of Honor, Last Outpost, Where No-one has Gone Before
Lonely Among us, The Big Goodbye, Datalore,
Justice, The Battle, Home Soil, and Angel One,
Coming of Age, 11001001,
When the Bough Breaks and Too Short a Season,
Sym—biosis, the Ars'nal of Freedom,
Heart of Glory, Skin of Evil,
We'll Always have Paris, Conspiracy, The Neutral Zone —
And that's Season One. Gee, I love Star Trek Next Gen! I'll watch them all over and over again... Those seven seasons were great... I wish there were eight!

The Child, Where Silence Has Lease, the Dauphin,
The Outrageous Okona, the Schizoid Man,
Element'ry my Dear Data, and The Royale,
Loud as a Whisper, Manhunt, Pen Pals,
Unnatural Selection, Contagion, Times Squared,
A Matter of Honor, Samaritan Snare,
The Measure of a Man, The Icarus Factor,
The Emissary and Up the Long Ladder,
And Peak Performance & Shades of Gray and Q Who—
And that's Season Two. Gee, I love Star Trek Next Gen! I'll watch them all over and over again... Those Seven Seasons were fine... I wish there were nine!

Evolution, the Ensigns of Command,
the Survivors, Who Watches the Watchers, Tin Man,
The Bonding, the Enemy, the Hunted, the Price,
The High Ground, the Offspring, and Yesterday's Enterprise,
Booby Trap, Déjà Q, and the Defector,
Sins of the Father, the Vengeance Factor,
A Matt'r of Perspective and Ménage à Troi,
Allegiance, Hollow Pursuits, the Most Toys,
Captain's Holiday, Sarek, and Transfigurations,
the Best of Both Worlds, Part 1 --
Picard is Locutus, the third Season's Done! Gee I love Star Trek Next Gen I'll watch them all over and over again Those Seven Seasons were swell... I wish there were twelve!

The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2, Family,
Brothers and Suddenly Human, Remember Me,
Half a Life, Future Imperfect, Reunion,
The Loss, Data's Day, Final Mission, the Wounded,
First Contact and Galaxy's Child and Clues,
Identity Crisis, the Host, Devil's Due,
Night Terrors, and Q-Pid, the Nth Degree,
The Drumhead, the Mind's Eye, In Theory and Legacy,
And the cliffhanger, if you're keeping score,
Redemption (part 1), and that's season 4. Gee I love Star Trek Next Gen I'll watch them all over and over again Just seven seasons, aw gee -- Why not twenty-three?

Redemption, part II, and Darmok, The Game
Ensign Ro and Disaster, A Matter of Time
Silicon Avatar, Unification
part I and part II, and Violations
New Ground, Hero Worship, The Masterpiece Socie-
ty, and Conundrum, and Ethics and Power Play
Cause and Effect, The First Duty, The Perfect Mate
Cost_ of Living, The Outcast, The Inner Light
I_, Borg_, Imagin'ry Friend,
The Next Phase and Time's Arrow, and then
the fifth season's come to an end! Gee I love Star Trek Next Gen I'll watch them all over and over again Just seven seasons won't do -- I want thirty-two.

Time's Arrow, part 2, and Realm of Fear
Man of the People and Rightful Heir
Relics and Schisms and True Q and Rascals
A Fistful of Datas and Ship in a Bottle
The Qual'ty of Life, and Chain of Command
Part I and Part II, and Second Chances
Aquiel, Face of the Enemy, Lessons, and
Birthright Part I and part II and Suspicions, and
Tapestry, Timescape, Starship Mine
The Chase, and Frame of Mind,
and Descent--
So season six went. Gee I love Star Trek Next Gen I'll watch them all over and over again Those seven seasons were heaven -- How 'bout forty-seven?

Descent, part II, Liaisons, and Interface
Gambit part I and part II, and Dark Page
Force of Nature, Inheritance, Parallels
Homeward, Sub Rosa, Thine Own Self
Phantasms, The Pegasus, and Attached,
Eye'f the Beholder, Genesis, Masks,
Lower Decks, and Journey's End
Firstborn, Bloodlines, and Emergence
Preemptive Strike, and "All Good Things..."
And out the final fanfare rings
As all of Star Trek fandom sings... Gee I love Star Trek Next Gen I'll watch them all over and over again So many worlds to explore--- I wish there were more! I wish there were more! I wish there were more!

Words and music by Blake Hodgetts

Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide Video